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Hawaii Hairsylist

Welcome to my Chair

Ai Joy has 15 years in the hair care industry. She is an accomplished hairstylist in Tokyo and Honolulu. Ai specializes in achieving natural, lavish, shiny healthy hair. Her dedication to detail and style means a devoted clientele that comes from around the globe because they value her gorgeous haircuts and keen eye for color tones

Kind Words

Hairdresser and Makeup Tools

     I am so in love with my hair after seeing Ai! I'm also of the belief that Asian stylists understand Asian hair and the needs we have.  I was so lucky to have Ai work on my hair!  She did a wonderful job on my root touch up, which I usually have done on the mainland during flights.  I've gotten a ton of compliments on the color and how healthy my hair looks!  She's a sweet professional!  I'm DEFINITELY coming back to her and will probably have her do more than just my roots!  Arigato, Ai!!!
    Had my second appointment with Ai-Joy and I continue to LOVE her!  So, so happy with my results and have received a lot of compliments!  I don't know if it's the way she applies the color or the solution, but my color seems to last longer and coverage is excellent since seeing her.  She's the BEST!


Hair Salon Blow Dry

I've been growing out my hair to donate and then covid happened so I didn't go to the salon in a long time. I finally went the other day and LOVE my new haircut by Ai!  The whole ambience was still warm as ever and the stylists were so friendly and professional. Everything was super clean and I could tell that they took extra care by the chairs being individually wrapped, and the shampoo stations having dividers. And that scalp massage during shampooing...heavenly!!! Thank you, Ai, for taking such good care of me. I love my haircut and will be back soon!


 I first learned about Ai from a co-worker who has been going to her a few times, and each time I see her hair it's shiny, glossy and nicely cut. I finally gave in and made an appointment to see Ai. 
    Ai is extremely personable and sweet to work with.  She immediately welcomed me into the salon, shampooed my hair (love the minty shampoo) and sat me down on her chair.  We talked about what I was looking for (I have thin hair, so I needed some body/shape), and she immediately went to work.  As she was cutting, she was explaining to me what she was doing.  At the end, I LOVED my haircut. 
     I highly recommend all my friends & fellow yelpers to check them out! I can't wait for my next appointment in a couple of months.



Please feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions. I look forward to working with you

Ai Joy

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